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Below is a list of website that are useful in supporting your child's learning throughout the year. Some can be used all year round to support learning, but keep checking back as each term the list will be updated with websites relevant to the terms topics.

Autumn 1
This term in Year 5 we will be covering a variety of skills and topics and a newsletter will be going out shortly.  Below is an updated list of websites that pupils can explore at home to support their learning.
Unfortunatley not all websites are 'tablet friendly' and some will require a flash player.

This term we will be looking at news articles.  The childrens news website Newsround provides current news and items that will support pupils in their journalistic writing style. This is an excellent website to support pupils in their spellings and revisit spelling rules and patterns previouly taught. This is a good link for a game which allow pupils to practise and consolidate the grammar they have been learning

Maths  This is an excellent website for pupils to practice theire multiplication and division facts.  All pupils have recevied a login and this is also stuck in the front of their maths homework books. Pupils should be playing for 5 minutes a day.
We will spend the first half of this continuing to improve our knowledge of methods for addition and subtraction.  The website below is excellent at supporting this.   Most pupils should be playing at level 3 or level 4
This term pupils are learning about North America.  This topic covers using geographical terms such as longitude and latitude, physical and human geography and being able to locate the countries in North America.  Below are websites to support further learning in this area


Spanish Both of these websites are interactive games that will allow pupils to practise the Spanish vocabulary they have been learning.

We are learning about Earth and Space.  By the end of the topic alsongside other key facts pupils should know the planets of the solar systems in order.  Below are websites that will support this and give pupils a wider knowledge of the topic.