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This term the school council have been working with Mrs Williams and Mrs Jobbins and the other children of the school to identify areas in school where children felt unsafe and what could be done to address this.  The school councillors took feedback from their class mates to a meeting and discussed solutions to the problems.  The Year 5 and Year 6 school councillors then bravely took this information to the rest of the school staff and presented it to them.

St. Joseph's School Council (2017-2018)

We are the school council for 2017-2018.

Here are some of our thoughts about what it means to be a school councillor:


“I wanted to be a school councillor to help raise money for things we would like in school.”

Nikolas Prohorovs – Year 3


“I wanted to be a school councillor because I wanted to help make school a better place.”

Harine Girishankaran – Year 3


“It is an important job being a school councillor: we show visitors around and make everyone feel welcome.”

Julia Ostrowska – Year 6


“I was chosen to be a school councillor by other people in my class. I had to say why I wanted to be a councillor.”

Ananya Kawley – Year 6


“School councillors are responsible and set an example for others.”

Nirvi Lohiya – Year 2