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Vision Statement



We at St Joseph’s, as a Catholic School, aspire to inspire all in our school to grow and learn together in their love of God by building a teaching and learning community where we offer the best opportunities we can to help each child recognize and value their unique dignity as a child of God based on the Gospel values of love, justice, mutual respect, acceptance and forgiveness.


We will inspire each other to be the best we can be by:


  • Recognising and realising our full potential as unique children of God.

  • Celebrating diversity and respecting different beliefs, cultures and ways of life.

  • Listening to and valuing each other’s contributions.

  • Encouraging independence and resilience.

  • Sharing our gifts and talents with all in our school family and society.


    We will achieve this by:

  • Making sure our school is safe, friendly and welcomes all

  • Setting high expectations for our spiritual, moral, intellectual, social, emotional and physical development.

  • Ensuring that the Catholic ethos of the school is fostered at all times.

  • Teaching our children to respect and help each other, embracing differences and to follow the principles of Catholic social teaching so that they recognise that people are more important than things and that we must support the poor and vulnerable in society.

  • Providing a curriculum that will be innovative, stimulating, challenging and well resourced. It will fit our children’s needs and be supported by visits and visitors to develop pupils into independent lifelong learners.

  • Promoting the highest standard of teaching which engages all learners.

  • Leading each child towards self-discipline, self-esteem and a positive attitude to learning

  • Nurturing a strong partnership between home, school, parish and our wider communities.