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Welcome to Reception Class 
At St Joseph's we aim to create a warm, happy, secure and inviting learning environment, which will help the children feel comfortable, confident and respectful of themselves and others. We aim to creat an environment which will meet the needs of each individual child so that they can build upon their exisiting knowledges and expereinces that you, as parents, have already taught them. 

We will help the children to achieve thier full potential in every possible respect, developing their thinking, their knowledge, their skills and their attitudes to prepare them for life in the every-changing world. 
Meet the staff
Class Teacher and Key Worker - Mrs J Heyes
Teaching Assistant - Miss R Campbell
Teaching Assistant (PM) - Mrs L Mooney
A typical day in Reception Class
A typical day in Reception consists of daily phonics, Literacy and Maths focus groups in the morning and other subjects from across the curriculum in the afternoon. 
These are enhanced within the areas of provision in the classroom, such as the craft area, role-play area, small world area, phonics area and painting area. 
We have an outside classroom containing the sand area, water area, construction area and music area to name just a few. 
The topic we look at changes each half term to give the children a broad and varied curriculum.Details of this can be found on the long term plan. 
For RE we follow the scheme "The Way, The Truth and The Life".  

The Gingerbread Man
(Week ending Friday 9th March)
What a busy week we have had in Reception Class! For  a few weeks now, we have been looking at the story of  'The Gingerbread Man' and this week it was our turn to make some gingerbread people. First we looked at the recipe and how important it is for us to follow the steps one at a time and in the correct order. On Wednesday, we used the ingredients and made them. The Friday we decorated them with icing and sweets. They looked fantastic and were very yummy to eat. 
Also this week we made some special cards for our Mum's to say 'Happy Mother's Day'. 
World Book Day - 2018
(Thursday 1st March) Today, Reception Class came dressed up to celebrate World Book Day. We had princesses, a knight, a mouse and a fireman, to name just a few. We had a lovely time talking our costumes and our favourite books. 
World Book Day 2018
Snowy days in Reception Class
(28th February & 2nd March) Reception Class took advantage of the cold weather and enjoyed some time in the snow. 
Snow Days
Moving Words - Poetry Performance Workshop
(Wednesday 21st February)
Today, the whole school took part in an energetic and exciting day of performance poetry. Reception Class looked at the story 'Whatever Next' By Jill Murphy. First Colin read the story, as Julie and Adam acted it out. We then learnt the words to a special poem Colin had made for us. We also joined in with Julie and Adam on a special dance which told the story again to some music. At the end of the day we performed the poem and dance to the rest of the school. You were AMAZING Reception!
Performance Poetry Day
Teddy Bears Picnic
(Friday 9th February) To celebrate the end of our topic on 'Toys', Reception Class brought in their favourite teddy bears. The children enjoyed showing their teddies around the classroom and playing with them in the different areas. During the afternoon we had a teddy bears picnic, with juice, teddy bear crisps and teddy bear cakes. We sang teddy bear songs and listened to teddy bear stories. 
(Friday 9th February)
Our topic this half term has been toys. We have looked at toys from the past and toys that we play with now. We have look at the types of materials they were made from. We have also look at and used lots of different puppets. From this we then designed and made our own hand puppets. They are absolutely amazing. Take a look at our gallery of puppets. 
Our amazing hand puppets
Parent's Craft Morning and 'Come and See' Afternoon
(15th December) Today we held our first Parent's Craft Morning of the year. It was lovely to see so many parents, grandparents, brothers and sister joining in with the crafts we had to offer. We all had great fun making Christmas Cards, angels, Christmas Tree decorations and wreaths. 
Then at 2.30pm we invited the parents into school to 'Come and See' all the lovely work we have been doing over the term. 
Craft Morning and 'Come and See' Afternoon
A Wriggly Nativity by Reception Class
(13th &14th December) The children in Reception Class have been working hard all term to prepare for the thier first Nativity Play. This week the children put on an amazing production of 'A Wriggly Nativity'. The children sang and acted brilliantly and as the song goes we just couldn't sit still!
A Wriggly Nativity
International Week 
(Week beginning 16th October) This week we have been talking about going on holiday to the Philippines. Firsts we looked at the clothes we might need to take with us on holiday and packed our suitcases. We then made passports and boarding passes so that we could go on an aeroplane. We set the chairs up in class to look like the inside of an aeroplane. Before they could get on they had to have their passports checked and boarding cards stamped. The pilots and the flight attendants were brilliant, even when we hit a bit of turbulence. The flight attendants even served juice and biscuits midway through the flight. Once we 'landed' in the Philippines we looked at the different festivals they celebrated and created a piece of art work. We especially liked the sound of the 'Flip flop festival'. 
International Week

Welcome to Reception

(September 28th) Year Six helped to welcome our new Reception children into the St. Joseph’s community. The collective worship was well attended by parents and carers of both Y6 and Reception children. We hope all the children have a happy and successful time with us at St. Joseph’s.
Helping your child at home.

Below are documents which were given out during the Phonics and Reading meeting in October or at the Parents Evening.