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Our P.E. Intent
St. Joseph's belives that P.E. is an integral part of a child's physical and educational development.  Our intent is to promote a long term healthy lifestyle and enthuse pupils to participate fully, developing a lifelong love of physical activity, sport and exercise. Every child should be able to experience a range of opportunities to develop their fitness, health and well-being. Pupils should, through the delivery of a rich and varied curriculum, and both competitive and non-competitive sporting events, become confident and resilient in physical activity. Pupils will have the opportunity to achieve individual success and develop the skills, knowledge and understanding they need to become physically literate. At the same time pupils will develop socially through leadership, communication and team work skills.


Long Term Plan

Our long term plan is an overview of the skills, and sports through which physical literacy and physical activity are taught.

P.E. 2020-2021
Due to Covid-19 our usual long term plan (seen below) has been temporaily suspended to allow us to remain a Covid-safe environment.  Just a few of our changes include, only using kit that can be easily wiped down and cleaned.  Ensuring kit is quarantined for 72 hours before being used by an other bubble and also teaching outdoors as much as possible.  In light of this, the P.E. curriculum for 2020-2021 is being evolved across the year to keep up to date with risk assessments and ensuring safety, whilst still making sure that pupils are gaining a varied P.E. curriculum.  The main focus for Key Stage One continues to be developing agility, balance and co-ordination and the main focus for Key Stage 2 continues to be cognitive, physical  and manipulation.  For a greater understanding of what this means see the image below. 


St Joseph's have sucessfully been awarded the School Games Mark Gold award 4 consecutive years for their commitment and development of competition across the school and local community.  Pupils have taken part in a range of events across leeds including; cross country, athletics, skipping and more. Although the School Games mark was not awarded for the 2019-2020 academic year due to the Covid-19 outbreak we received recognition for the sporting activities and opportunities provided in 2019-2020.

Check out our 'SPORTS NEWS' page to see some of the things we have been up to that mean we have received this award.

As a school we work with partnerships across Leeds to enable our pupils to access quality sports provision
and give them a wide variety of opportunities.
Our working partnerships:

  Active Schools Leeds

Leeds South and Central School Partnership

Jess Cluster

Year 5 have been learning to play netball on a Wednesday with a coach from Cockburn John Charles.  They have been learning about correct passing and footwork and having lots of fun.