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Week beginning 18.1.21

All work during school closure can now be found on our online learning platform - Purple Mash!
Log in details for Purple Mash were sent home in learning packs at the start of the half term. If you did not collect your log in or have lost it, please contact school . 
New lessons and activities will be uploaded to Purple Mash each day, and these will be available to complete and hand in until the end of the week (Sunday).
As always, you can contact Mr Shuttleworth & Mrs Fearnside on the Y6 email address ( if you have any questions.  

Week beginning 11.1.21

This week's writing is all linked to our comprehension on mixed up fairy tales!


This week's RE building on the work we started in school last week when we looked at The Penitential Act.

History - The Ancient Egyptians

What was life like in Ancient Egypt? The work today will show you a range of daily activities in Ancient Egypt, including building and writing.


This week, we begin our topic on Evolution and Inheritance. We start by developing our understanding of what these terms mean. You will then complete the worksheets predicting what the offspring (young) of a set of parents may look like.

Week beginning 4.1.21
Morning Starters

Our usual daily morning tasks! Get your brains going first thing in the morning! Remember, if you're stuck, move on and you can always come back later.


In the packs that can be collected from school you will find reading comprehensions and punctuation lessons for this week. Packs can be collected at the school office from tomorrow and will also contain an exercise book and pen/pencil. Below are slides on this week's spellings rule - prefixes! There is also a list of words to learn, remember to copy them accurately. You could ask an adult to test you after you've learnt them.

Key Maths Facts

Have you learnt all your Key Maths Facts? Knowing these is essential! Think you've mastered it already? Ask an adult or a friend to test you on random fact!


On Monday we began to look at 2D shapes. Here are resources and slides for four lessons on shape. If you cannot print sheets, shapes can be drawn onto paper. 1 - Recognising lines of symmetry 2 - Reflecting shapes in mirror lines 3 - Calculating perimeter of shapes 4 - Calculating area of squares and rectangles. There are also files with fraction work on, to keep your arithmetic skills sharp!

History - The Ancient Egyptians

Who were the Ancient Egyptians? For our first lesson we are looking at where Egypt is in the world and then what artefacts the Egyptians have left behind. Have a look at the slides and the photo pack and choose one that interests you. Once you have chosen your artefact complete the worksheet.


Complete the sheet on the Last Supper, remember to think about what happens to us when we take the Eucharist. There is also a sheet of passages from the bible. When we read the bible we are listening to the word of God. Choose five passages and explain what we could learn from them, including what emotions a person might be feeling when they read (e.g. anger) and how the passage could help them.

Physical Education 

Create your own indoor routine!
  1. Pick any six of these exercises. If you're not sure how to do one of these exercises just use Youtube to show you.
  2. Do one exercise ten times then change exercise.
  3. Once you get to the end you should be pretty tired
  4. Take a minute to drink some water, then do it again
  5. Try to do a full round of exercises, five times.
1. Mountain Climbers - Get into a push-up position and then alternate bringing your knee to your elbow. 

2. Bear Crawls - Palms and feet flat on the floor, arch your back so that you look like a mother bear. Try walk across the room and back. 

3. Star Jumps - Stand tall and then explosively jump into the air, expanding your legs and your arms so that you look like a large “X” in the air. 

4. Push Ups - Straightforward and to the point. Just be sure your hands are in line with your chest, your back is flat and your bum isn’t arched in the air. 

5. Sit Ups - Feel free to tuck your toes under the sofa or coffee table if you need a bit of support, or, ask your parents to hold your feet and vice versa. 

6. Burpees - Start with a jump up, then drop to a plank, add a push-up, and then jump back up. It should be one fluid motion and try to not pause between repetitions. Make it a bit easier by opting out of the push up if you need to.

7. Squats - To do this one, stand with your feet shoulder’s width apart, and do deep knee bends. Make sure keep your knees behind your toes and your arms out straight.

8. Leg Raises - Lay on your side or on your back and with lift your legs without bending at the knee. Try to hold at the top. This works your lower abdominals, but be careful to not let your lower back arch.

9. Lunges - Step forward and bend your front knee to a 90-degree angle. The goal is to have your back knee touch the ground without letting your front knee extend past your toes. 

10. Planks - Elbows on the floor and balanced on your tiptoes, go eye-to-eye with your parents and see who can last the longest. 30 seconds is considered the gold standard. 

11. Jumping Jacks - You all know how to do this!

12. Butterfly Kicks - Lay flat on your back, and extend your legs straight out. Imagine a swimmer, and begin to flutter kick your legs without bending at the knee. Start with your feet high off of the floor, as the move gets more difficult the closer the action is to the floor.