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Hello and welcome to the Year 2 page for 2020-2021.  Any useful information will be posted on here.  Please see the individual links at the top of the page for the pages relating to homework, phonics and useful websites.
Hello, below is home learning for the remainder of this week (week beginning 04 January 2021).  I am aware that the closure of schools may mean some adjusting may be required and that it may take some time before a good rountine and balance of home learning and the other work and commitments can be established. If you have any questions please contact me at 

Take care.

Work For Wednesday 6th, Thursday 7th and Friday 8th January 2021


Continuing to read with your child is a good way to develop language and reading skills which will have a positive impact in all areas of their learning.  Ideally children should be reading aloud with an adult for at least 10-15 minutes per day.

You could encourage your child to read some pages by themselves as a first read and then read them again with them and discuss them.  Key questions to ask your child while reading are important and there is a document below with ideas of the kind of questions to ask your child. 


If you are struggling to provide reading material for your child Free eBook library – practise reading with phonics eBooks | Oxford Owl

has free online e-books that are similar to the style of books in the school reading scheme.  If you do not have access to this please contact me and we will see if we are able to arrange to get any books from school to you.



I am aware that not all pupils speak English at home and that English is not the first language of many parents. 

To support your child in developing their English skills try to encourage at least 5 minutes of English conversation each day.  This could be about what they have eaten, or done during the day.  It could be with a brother or sister or via a telephone or video call with another family member or friend.


Recap the spellings for the week
à flies
à cries
à toys
Recapping the rule.  If the letter before the y is a vowel add an –s.  If it is a consonant take off they –y and –ies

WEDNESDAYIf you have access to the internet Complete the lesson below.
To listen to and respond to a story (


If you have access to the internet Complete the lesson below.
To tell a story from memory (

To explore the main moods in the story (

WEDNESDAY-FRIDAY If you do not have easy internet access:
If you are unable to access the internet lesson any writing you are able to support child is beneficial. Over the next few days. They could create a ‘lockdown diary’ in the exercise book from school.  Each day they should write the date and then some sentences saying what they did the previous day.  They could write about any games they played, or what they had for tea or what their favourite part of the day was.  They could write about what they are missing about school.  Give them the challenge of trying to impress you by using the words
‘and’ ‘because’ or ‘but’ in their sentences.  Remember to encourage them to use capital letters and full stops in their sentences and form their letters carefully.



Independent - Times table rockstars or playing with the timetable flash cards as per the instructions that were sent home last half term.

Supported If you have any English coins at home look at them with your children. Just use 1p, 2p, 5p, 10p, 20p, 50p-do not use £1 or £2 coins. Look at the size of them and shape of them.  Talk about how they are different colours and sizes.  If you do not have any, use the coins document in the pack provided by school. Talk about the value of the coins.  Ask them to find and identify the 5p/20p etc.  Choose 2 coins and ask them to say what the total is and write the number sentence. E.g. 20p+5p=25p.

Independent (10 mins)-  Ask your child to write and draw some of their own money sums. Like the example below.




Independent (5mins)- Times table rockstars or playing with the timetable flash cards as per the instructions that were sent home last half term.


If you have access work through the online lesson here.

To recognise the value of different coins (Part 1) (

The lesson is designed to be worked through independently so that limited support will be needed from you.  I will be using these videos and teaching resources a lot in the online planning and so whilst your child may need initial support in how they work and when to pause and join in etc. hopefully it should become a lesson that they are able to complete independently and lasts for approximately 30mins.


If internet access is difficult

Repeat the teaching from the previous day.  This time build in more coins so rather than just adding two coins pupils are combining 3 or 4 coins together, drawing them then writing the number sentence that shows the total.


Independent- Times table rockstars or playing with the timetable flash cards as per the instructions that were sent home last half term.

If you have access work through the online lesson here.

To recognise the value of different coins (Part 2) (


If internet access is difficult
Find a 5p or an image of a 5p.  How many 1p would make up the same amount?

Draw am image like this to show that 5p piece is the same as 5x1p pieces.



Repeat this.  How many pennies do then think they would need for a 10p piece?  What about a 50p piece?

Repeat this similarly with how many 5p would be needed to be the same as a 10p and draw an image to show that a 10p is the same as 2x5p piece.

Finally talk about the £1 and explain that this is worth 100 pennies and so you would need 100p to have the same amount as a pound coin.


If you are able to and have time you could continue the discussion about how many 10p would be needed to be the same as 20p, or how many 10p would be needed to have the same as 50p.


Wednesday 6th January is the Epiphany.  Ask your child to recall who visited Jesus in the manger.  Explain that today is traditionally the day when the wise men are believed to have seen Jesus in the manger.  Ask your child if they can remember what gifts the wise men brought.  Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh.

Your child could complete one of the suggested activities below.

  • draw a picture of the three wise men visiting Jesus in the manger
  • draw a box and write in it what gift they can give Jesus.
  • Learn the Epiphany prayer below

Father, you revealed your Son to the nations by the guidance of a star. Lead us to your glory in heaven by the light of faith. We ask this through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit,

  • Look at the prayer above and write an Epiphany prayer

We will begin looking at the geography of the UK.
Begin by recapping what we have already done complete any of the following activities

Team B Nativity Video
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Team A Nativity Video
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Monday 2nd November 2020


I hope you all had a restful half term.  Please be aware that I have updated the 'Useful Websites' page to include links to sites and activities that can further your child's learning in our History topic on The Gunpowder Plot.  To see what else you child will be doing this half term and ways you can support them please read the Autumn 2 Newsletter.

Miss Boyles
Please see below answers to homework set on Monday 5th October.

Please see below the answers to this weeks homework that was handed out on Monday 28th.
Thank you to those of you who have completed the survey regarding the best time for a parents information evening regarding statutory testing.  If you have not completed it the link is below.  I will wait until the end of the week and then let you know when the meeting will be based upon responses.

Link for the survey 


Please see below answers to greater than/less than homework set on Monday 21st September.

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