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Our Intent

To create a musical atmosphere within school that makes music an enjoyable learning experience.
Through singing, pupils will develop the ability to listen to each other and learn about the structure and organisation of music. Pupils will develop an appreciation of different music genres and cultures, as well as how music can be used as an expressive tool. As children progress, they will develop descriptive skills in music lessons and become literate with musical terminology. We aim to provide a music curriculum which will encourage children to enjoy singing, composing and performing in front of an audience.
Teaching of Music 

'He who sings, prays twice' St Augustine.

At St Joseph’s, music is an exceptionally important part of the Catholic life of our school. We sing together in collective worships, assemblies and our School Masses. We are lucky to have a strong link with the Leeds Catholic Diocesan Music Service and our Year 4 and 5's are taught by one of their expert teachers once a week. As of 2020 St Joseph's started a school choir for KS2. 

St Joseph's currently use a programme called 'Sing Up' https://www.singup.org/about-us to help teachers delivers the Music Curriculum whilst also giving our students the opportunities to; ‚Äč‚Äčlearn to sing well and enjoy singing, develop musical skills and understanding, experience the wider learning and developmental benefits that singing provide.