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History Intent 

Through our History curriculum our intent is to provide children with a broad and balanced view of the History of Britain and other societies; to know how civilizations have come and gone. We want students to develop a well-rounded knowledge of the past and its events. Our intention is to provide children with engaging and exciting lessons and experiences, providing them the opportunities to question but also to develop their own conclusions and interpretations of the past by critically evaluating history through the use of sources.  We feel History provides important skills to help children consider all sides of a story by weighing evidence,  to help develop sympathy and understand the complexity of others’ lives and diverseness of societies as well as their own identities .

We are ambitious in our coverage of the curriculum and are proud to be in partnership with ‘The Royal Armories’ who support us to provide excellent lessons, tailor-made trips and resources to engage children in a wide range of topics.

What topics are taught at St Joseph's?

Each year group will be taught three history topics per year.

KS1 will learn about topics that aim to spark enjoyment and enthusiasm for History. LKS2 will learn about British History in chronological order. UKS2 will learn about periods of History from around the world and other history topics that lend themselves to teaching and learning that require a deeper understanding and maturity.

If you feel you have any specific skills or resources that could support the teaching of History in our school please speak with Mrs Elwen. 

Year 1 History Topics 
Autumn 1 Spring 1 Summer 2
Knights and Castles  Recent History The Great Fire of London

Year 2 History Topics
Autum 2 Spring 1 Summer 1
The Gunpowder Plot Kings and Queens Florence Nightingale 

Year 3 History Topics
Autumn 1 Spring 1 Summer 1
Stone Age, Bronze Age, Iron Age The Romans Saxons

Year 4 History Topics
Autumn 1 Spring 1 Summer 1
The Vikings  The Normans The Victorians

Year 5 History Topics
Autumn 2 Spring 2 Summer 1
WWI The Tudors Ancient Greeks

Year 6 History Topics
Autumn 1 Spring 1 Summer 1
WWI Ancient Egyptians The Mayans
Curriculum Coverage 
The History Curriculum has been divided between the history topics taught throughout your child’s learning journey at St Joseph’s. If you would like to read more please click on the link below. 
Useful Links for Parents
What does History look like in our school?