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Our Intent

Through our Maths curriculum, the children will develop the confidence, enthusiasm and skills to leave St. Joseph’s appreciating the wonder, power and beauty of Maths. Our children will be fluent in language, recall and mathematical strategies; through this fluency they will be able to effectively reason and problem solve in abstract and real-life situations. Maths is the foundation for understanding the world and is the gateway for accessing our wider curriculum. We aspire that our children will become mathematicians for life.

Teaching of Mathematics

At St Joseph’s, we aim to offer the very best provision and teaching of Mathematics possible for all the children in our school. We are aware that Mathematics is a core skill in everyday life so we strive to provide the children with a solid understanding that will benefit them both at secondary school and beyond. St. Joseph’s follows the White Rose Maths scheme. Topics are taught in blocks, with understanding being revisited throughout the year. On occasions teachers may use their professional discretion and target other areas of mathematics.