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Welcome to our online learning page. 

This class page will provide all the resources you will need to enable your child to continue to develop their learning. Each week I will put on here a daily Phonics, Maths, Reading and Literacy piece of work for your child to complete. We would also like the children to have the opportunity to complete an RE (Religious Education) and Topic piece of work, once a week. 

Children have also been provided with home learning/resource packs, so your child will have plenty of opportunities to extend their learning whilst not at school. 

As your child's teacher, I am available to contact via email. I am happy to respond to questions or concerns you may have. The email address is
It would also be lovely to hear from the children, so they can tell me what they have been doing.

Thank you for your continued support. 
Take Care x

Mrs Heyes 
Update - Friday 17th July
To all the Reception Children

Today is your last day in Reception. It has been lovely working with you in school and I have enjoyed creating online lessons for you. 

Have a lovely summer and see you when you return in September as Year 1s.

Mrs Heyes and Mrs Mapplebeck
Week beginning - Monday 13th July 2020

The last week of term!
Today marks 115 days since we were last together at St Joseph's.

Hope you are still all enjoying the Home Learning work that has been set for you each week. You have all worked so hard and you should be very proud of all you have achieved this year. 

Have a wonderful summer holiday and I look forward to seeing you all again in September, as Year 1s. 

Mrs Heyes
A little goodbye and good luck poem

Mrs Mapplebeck and I wish you all the best as you move up to Year 1. We're going to miss you, but remember we are only next door and we'd love to have a chat with you when we return in September.


Normally we would have spent a few weeks getting ready to go into Year 1. We would also have had a visit to see your new classroom - however this year we are unable to do that. Lucky for you, Year 1 is just next door to Reception and you will be in the same cloakroom and toilet area. This week I would like you to have a go at some of these transition activities that we are going to do in class. It would be lovely if you could send them to me and I can pass them onto your new teacher.

Summer Holidays

If you are looking for a few extra activities to keep your little ones occupied over the holidays, I've found a few activity books. These are just for fun so there is no need to do them if your child doesn't want to.

Week beginning - Monday 6th July

This week our story is 'The Three Little Pigs'. 
As an extra to our topic work this week, the children in school have asked to look at bubbles. We will be using bubble mixture and hula hoops to see if we can make giant bubbles. 
Have a great week. 
Mrs Heyes 
RE Lesson

This week our RE lesson looks at the different people who look after the Church.

Topic Lesson - Once Upon a time

This week our topic lesson is linked to 'The Three Little Pigs'.

Week beginning - Monday 29th June
Hi everybody. Hope you are all ok and enjoyed the lovely weather we had last week.
This week in Literacy we are looking at the story of 'Jack and the Beanstalk'.
In Maths we start the week by looking at the number 18 followed by recapping height and length.
Have a lovely week.
Take care
Mrs Heyes
Phonics Lessons

We continue recapping phase 3 phonemes and tricky words. Please continue to use Phonics Play and Oxford Owls websites.

Topic Work - Once Upon a Time

This week our topic work is linked to the story 'Jack and the Beanstalk'

Week Beginning - Monday 22nd June 2020

Hope you are all well and have had a good week. I'm looking forward to the nice weather we should be having this week. 

This week we are looking at the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. 
(Do you remember the tent we had in class where we set up a picnic for the Three Bears?)
RE lesson

This week we continue our work on the Church by looking at the special buildings. If you google 'St Joseph's Hunslet Church', you will see pictures for two churches. One church was where the garages are now and one church used to be on the school field.

Topic Work - Once Upon a Time

This week our topic work is for Goldilocks and The Three Bears. We are going to be doing the Gummy Bear Science experiment in class over the fours days, so I have included the recording sheet. On Monday we are going to set up the experiment with different liquids and write down on the lines what we have used. Then on Thursday we will take the bears out of the liquid and put it next to a new bear to see if it has changed. We are then going to draw pictures in the boxes to show what has happened. I will take photographs of what we are doing in class so you can compare. Have fun!

Calling all singers
 Leeds music hub have joined forces with music groups across the country to organise "The Virtual Big Sing" this Friday at 2pm. 

Using live streaming on YouTube, you will experience ‘Singing with the Stars’ - including artists Jessie J, Nicola Roberts and Camilla Kerslake.  All of this hosted by the amazing Mark De Lisser and accessed from the comfort of your own home, or classroom!

You will need to register for the event and be sent an link on Friday morning to join the session in the afternoon.  All the songs will be subtitled.  There is no need to learn anything before the event-just turn up and sing your heart out!

Register here:
Week Beginning - Monday 15th June 

Starting this week, the work set online will be the work I will be doing in class with those Reception Chidlren who are starting back to school on Monday. 
As always, I will be thinking about you all this week. Have a good week and I look forward to seeing photographs of your lovely work. 

Our story this week is 'Little Red Riding Hood'. 
Phonics Lessons

Please continue to use the Phase 2 and 3 phonemes powerpoint from last week. This phonics work also contains sentences to read each day. If you would like you child to read other books/comics please see or Thank you

RE lesson

This week we are starting our new topic - The Church.

Week Beginning - Monday 8th June 2020

Welcome to Summer Term 2. 

I hope you all had a lovely half term holiday and have been enjoying the lovely weather. It's got a bit cold and rainy recently, but fingers crossed the nice weather will come back soon. 

For this half term I have linked our Literacy and Topic lessons. Our topic theme is 

'Once Upon a Time'
Each week we will be looking at different tradtional tales in Literacy and carrying out tasks linked to the story in  Topic
This week our traditonal tale is "The Gingerbread Man". 

Phonics Lessons

Over the next few weeks we are going to revisit all phase 3 phonemes to ensure you know them all, know words that contain the phoneme and can use the phonemes confidently when reading and writing. All of the sheets this week contain a worksheet however you DO NOT need to print them out. Your child can write the letters and words out onto a piece of lined or plain paper.

Topic Work - Once Upon a Time

I've got two task this week for The Gingerbread Man - one is a science/Technology based one and the other is a cookery task. I wonder what that could be? :-)

May Half Term Holiday
Weeks beginning Monday 25th May & Monday 1st June 2020

Wow! A whole half term of home learning has gone by. I hope you enjoyed going on lots of different adventures with the stories we read. 

Now there are no lessons set for over the holidays but I have put together some fun activities that you might like to try. 
Just like the last holiday I have made a bingo grid with sports and craft activities. 
I've also added on some extra sheets with some more ideas.

Have a lovely half term holiday.
Remember to send me some pictures so I can put them onto our home learning gallery.
Take care and hope to see you soon.
Mrs Heyes 
Week Beginning - Monday 18th May 2020

This week we are continuing our space adventures however some aliens have other ideas... they want ot visit US!

This week we're going to have change from reading books with Oxford Owls. THis week I would like you to have a look at the phase 2 and Phase 3 phonics comics on . They are not very long (2 sides of paper) but will consolidate the phase 2 and 3 phonemes we have been learning. 

RE lesson

This week I would like you to look at our RE lesson on Thursday as this is the Feast of the Ascension.

Topic Work - Let's go on an adventure

Our topic this week continues our journey into space.

I wanted to share this lovely picture I have been sent by Logan. For R.E, you have been asked to draw a picture of a happy/joyous time. This is Logan's happiness picture - he is at school on a lovely sunny day. 
Week beginning - Monday 11th May
For the next two weeks our adventures take us into space. 
This week our work is based around the book "Whatever Next" by Jill Murphy. 

This week the reading books are Peck, Peck and A bag of tricks. I've also included a guide for parents who are not sure where to find the books.

Topic Work - Let's go on an adventure

This week our topic takes you on the first part of our journey into space.

Week beginning - Monday 4th May

This week explorers we are going into the jungle. 


This weeks books are - Peg it up and Quiz. I've also included a reading prompt sheet to ask your child questions when you read other books.

Literacy Lessons

Our adventure continues this week - and we're off to the jungle. The book we will be looking at this week is "Rumble in the Jungle'. What animal would you like to see in the jungle?

Topic Work - Let's go on an adventure

Our topic work this week is linked to the book "Rumble in the Jungle". I've added an extra sheet of different ideas if you are looking for something to do over the long weekend.

Week Beginning - Monday 27th April

This week our adventure takes us on a bear hunt and a lion hunt.
I hope you've got your binoculars ready :-)

Two new texts for you to try from

RE lesson

Week 2 of our topic ' New life'.

Topic Work - Let's go on an adventure

This week we are looking at bears.

Week beginning - Monday 20th April 2020

Today starts Summer Term 1 in Reception Class where we will start our new topic 
Let's go on an adventure'.

For each week, I have chosen a different story book with a different adventure. I have linked our topic work to our Literacy story, to really make it come to life.
Phonics Lesson

This week we will begin with a recap of the phonemes looked at before the holidays, before learning a couple more. We will also have a day at the end of the week learning some new tricky words. Check out the tricky word videos mentioned at the top of each page. They are great and very catchy.


This week our two books are - Pink band:Sit, Cog Dog and Red band: Top Dog. You can find these text on

Literacy Lessons

AHOY THERE!!!!! This week adventurers, we are going to be Pirates. Our story this week is 'Ten Little Pirates' by Mike Brownlow and Simon Rickerty. We will be thinking about what pirate life is like and sailing the seven seas. Please send me photographs of your treasure maps and I will add them to the ones we have made here. *I have added lots of other lovely craft activities you might like to do with your child to enhance the theme of the week.

Treasure Maps
Maths Lessons

This week, we are continuing our work on the number 10. We will be recapping our number bonds - the two numbers that make 10, addition within 10 and begin to look at practical subtraction.

RE lesson

This week we start our new topic 'New Life'. We begin this week by taking another look at the events of Good Friday and Easter Sunday.

Topic Work - Let's go on an adventure

This week, as we are looking at Pirates, our topic work is to look at what creatures live in the sea.

Easter Holiday 2020
Wishing you all a safe and Holy Easter.
As we remain indoors with our families, I have put together some activities for you to try. 
Celebrating Holy Week 2020

How to celebrate Holy Week whilst remaining at home - A letter from Bishop Marcus.

Week beginning - Monday 6th April 2020

Two new stories this week for you to read and respond to. See the website You will find the books in the pink and red bands.

RE lesson

As we are now in Holy Week, we are going to look at the events in Holy Week, starting with Palm Sunday all the way to the events on Easter Sunday. I wish you all a happy, Holy and safe Easter.

Week Beginning - Monday 30th March
Phonics Lessons

Parents - These are the phonics lessons we would have been covering in class. I have included all the words and activities you will need for each day. If you do not have a printer, you can follow them on screen or write them out for your child. There are a few activities for your child to complete and they need to have a go at completing the sentence writing on their own.


There is a great website called Oxford Owls - . Here you will find a selection of books (some of which we have in school) for your child to read within thier bookband. it's really easy to sign up as a parent to access the free materials. Once signed up, please read the corresponding book form the book band your child is on in school. In Reception, all children are currently working within pink and red. Each week I will ask you to read either a pink or red book (or both if you really want to) and answer some questions about it. This week pink level is - Big, Bad, Bug This week red level is - Big Feet I would to see any photos or videos of your child reading. Please email them to me. Thanks

Literacy Lessons

This week our story links to our topic of plants and animals. The story is Jasper's Beanstalk by Nick Butterworth and Mick Inkpen. Online versions of the story can be found on YouTube and I have included a powerpoint version I found on the internet. I've included some worksheets to go with different days. Don't worry if you don't have a printer, these can be done on any paper you may have. Another great website for free resources linked to the story is For Friday the website Twinkl has some lovely resources for you to use as the website is free to use for parents during this time. Check out for help with this weeks letter.

Maths Lessons

This week we are looking at number 10. As you know we have been following the Maths Mastery approach and have been looking at numbers slowly and in more depth. This week I would like you to introduce the number 10 using Numberblock number 10. The whole class LOVE numberblocks. (I can hear them singing the opening song as I write this). The childrne need to find ten in lots of different ways and make number ten into different shapes. The children are very familiary with this as we have done these activities for every other nummber. They will amaze you.

RE (Religious Education)

To know that we need to ask Jesus to help us to be kind to others. This week, I would like you to look at the story of The Feeding of the 5000. You can find a lovely video of the story on YouTube You might need to come back to this story/activity a couple of times in the week so they fully understand it and are able to answer the questions.


Our topic this half term has been 'Plants and Animals'. This week I would like you to have a look at plants. First I would like you to look at what a plant needs to grown. Then I would like you to label the differnet parts of a plant - petals, stem, roots, leaves.