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Children's Mental Health Week 2021
A link to explain what this years 'Children's Mental Week' is all about. 
Children's Mental Health Week 2021: Express Yourself - YouTube
This week you can explore the best way you can express yourself. 
How do you express yourself?
Maybe you express yourself through....art? drama? dance? painting? role play? writing stories? poetry? 
We would love to see how you express your thoughts and feelings. If you email a picture to your teacher we will add it to our gallery. 

Online Children's Mental Health Week Assembly

This year Place2be has teamed up with BAFTA kids and Oak National Academy to bring you an online assembly on the theme 'Express Yoursef'.
It will be available online at 9am on Monday 1st February. 
The link to the main website is - 
Children’s Mental Health Week assembly – with BAFTA Kids and Oak National Academy - Children's Mental Health Week 2021
A timetable of activities for the week
Here are some ideas of what you mike like to do each day during Children's Mental Health Week 2021
Monday 1st February
  • Watch the assembly.
  • Have a go at 'Wake up, shake up'.

Tuesday 2nd February
  • 'Wake up, shake up' - day 2
  • Books - Take a look at the book 'You Choose' by Nick Sharratt. Talk about what you would choose to 'express yourself'. I've got this book at home and I love choosing different things each time I read it. YOU CHOOSE - Narrated Story - YouTube   Maybe you could draw the things you choose. 

Wednesday 3rd February
  • 'Wake up, shake up' - day 3
  • Mindfulness colouring - Last year we had an amazing mindfulness colouring session. So many of you, joined us in the hall and created some beautiful colouring pictures. I've included some mindfulness colouring for everyone to have a go at. See the documents below. 

Thursday 4th February 
  • 'Wake up, shake up' - day 4
  • Use some time today to 'express yourself', your feelings or your thoughts or anything you would like to do in a very creatvie way. You might like to paint or write a poem? You might like to sketch or make up a creative dance? - It's up to you. 

​​​​​​​Friday 5th February 
  • Dress up day!!! Express yourself by dressing up in ANYTHING you would like to wear for the day. If you want to dress as Spiderman - GO FOR IT! If you want to be a Princess or a dinosaur or a rainbow unicorn....GO FOR IT! We would love to see your pictures. 
  • Wake up, shake up - day 5
  • Make sure your 'express yourself' work is finished.
  • ​​​​​​​Once you've finished your online work - have fun!
Online 'Wake-up, Shake-up 2021'

Last year we filled the playground and all had a morning boogie to some great songs - you can check out last years videos below. 
This year I have search for some different 'Wake up, shake up' songs for you to do at home.
See if you can do a different one each day.
Monday-When the going gets tough - 
When the Going Gets Tough - Wake and Shake.m4v - YouTube
Tuesday - Banana, Banana MeatballBanana Banana Meatball - Blazer Fresh | GoNoodle - YouTube
Wednesday - Wake Up Shake Up time! - YouTube (Finish this at 8 minutes)
Thursday - 'I'm still standing' - Wake Up Shake Up Jan 2021 - YouTube
Friday - Reach for the StarsZumba® Gold REACH by S Club 7 - YouTube - Start at 48 sec in. (Sing as loud as you can)
Children's Mental Health Week

Last week we raised awareness of the importance mental health.  Children took part in a variety of activities to promote well being and develop their understanding of the importance of maintaining a positive mental health.

Each morning we had an activity that promoted well-being and developed the school community.  Explore the photos below to see the fun that was had!
Tuesday: Wake Up Shake Up
Tuesday morning had us all moving with at Wake Up Shake Up routine led by Mrs Munnelly and Mrs Heyes.

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Wednesday: Mindfullness Colouring
We embraced our inner creativity with some colouring on Wednesday.

 Friday: Breakfast and Books
We shared our love of reading with each other on Friday and made sure we were fueled for the day with breakfast.