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Where possible a link to the weekly homework will be uploaded here.  For copyright reasons homework will not always be available to view on the school website.  
Homework will be given out on a Friday and is due in by the following Thursday.

Please remember that pupils also have reading books that they should be reading daily and have access to timestable rockstarts to continue to practise their times tables.

Homework 8th November , due in by Thursday 14th November 2019 This homework is based upon our reading texts this week of postcards.

A list of 10 reading books suggested for Year 2 aged readers.
Year 2 Key Maths Facts

Pupils should continue to learn the Year 2 Key Maths Facts across the year.

Homework 11 October 2019, due in by Thursday 17th October 2019

This homework is designed to consolidate work on nouns, verbs and adjectives that has been covered in class. Pupils should recall that nouns are things and the names of people and places, verbs are doing words and adjectives are describing words.

Homework for Friday 20th September 2019

Homework on adjectives. Given out on Friday 20th September and due in by Thursday 26th September.