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The internet is a great place for your child to boost their learning.  Below are a list of websites that cover a variety of aspects covered in Year 2.  Please be aware that not all games are 'tablet friendly' and some require a 'flash player'.  Whilst the internet is an excellent platform for developing learning please speak to your child about using the internet safely.

Maths This website is designed to help pupils with their multiplication and division number facts. Pupils can find their login details in the front of their reading diaries. this is an excellent website for pupils to use to develop key maths facts such as number bonds and doubles and halves that pupils are expected to know. this BBC website has a variety of games designed to help pupils in all the different strands of mathematics. This website has a variety of maths games for pupils to practice a variety mathematical elements.


English this game allows pupils to practise one of the aspects we are learning this half term-identifying nouns. This website also has links on the left hand side to adjective and verb identification games which we will be covering as the year goes on. This is an excellent game for pupils to practise using capital letters within sentences accurately. Both these website are aimed at helping children learn the KS1 ‘common exception’ words. this website and game is designed to help pupils become familiar with spelling rules and patterns that we will cover across the year. This BBC website has a range of games and activities designed to help children with many aspects of the English Curriculum.


Creative Curriculum
Great Fire of London  The following website include games and information to extend pupils' knowledge of the Great Fire of London

This half term we are looking at the British Isles and aspects of towns, countrysides and the coast. The website below are child friendly and some have interactive games that will consolidate and expand upon the learning we will be doing in class.