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Key Maths Facts

This is file is packed full of Keys Maths Facts that your child should know! Encouraging the children to know these facts is a task which we as staff and you as parents must work together to achieve. Finding a few minutes when possible (for example, three times every week) to quiz the children in a fun, stress-free situation is the best method to promote learning and importantly to make sure the children do not forget!

SATs Parents' Guide

At the end of Year 6, the children will be tested on statutory tests (commonly known as SATs). The file below is full of useful information regarding the Key Stage 2 SATs tests, including dates and how the results will be reported. If you have any questions regarding the tests, please do not hesitate to contact Mr Shuttleworth or Mrs Fearnside.

Buckden House Residential - Monday 6th – Friday 10th July

REMINDER - The second payment of £30 is due by Friday 24th January 2020.


As part of our PSHE curriculum day, Year 6 discussed the important issue of homelessness. We talked about what issues might cause someone to become homeless and the emotional impact it might have on the individual.


Year 6 took part in a Judo taster session. We learnt the basic Judo holds and practised restraining and escaping from them. We all had great fun!


A big thank you to Father Polland, who came in to talk to the children about his life as a priest. We have been learning about The Seven Sacraments of the Catholic Church throughout our 'Called to Serve' topic. The asked Father questions about his day to day life; his favourite Bible stories and what inspired him to become a priest.


Year 6 have been learning about Judaism this week. We learnt about the Jewish rules around food, discovering what foods are 'kosher' or not. We discussed the fact that not all Jewish people would follow ALL of the rules regarding food and that the vast majority of Jewish people live day-to-day lives not dissimilar to ourselves. We will continue to learn about Judaism over the next couple of weeks, as we explore common stories between the Old Testament of the Christian Bible and the Jewish Torah.


Year 6 celebrated Odd Socks Day, with everyone wearing their most colourful and oddest socks! Odd Socks Day reminds us that we are all unique and it is our similarities as well as our differences that are important.


Year 6 visited Mount St. Mary's Catholic High School for a day of worship, dance and singing. The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves and represented the school brilliantly. A special thank you to the children who volunteered to read during the service or dance.