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Central Library with "Fabric Lenny"

On Monday March 2nd Year 3 enjoyed a fantastic morning at Leeds Central Library with the well-known artist "Fabric Lenny" as part of World Book Week. We worked collaboratively using drawing, animation and digital painting to explore story telling. I liked the library visit because we went to Tagtool and could make whatever type of animation we wanted," Abraham "I would rate it 10 out of 10!", Aarokyo.

Royal Armouries Trip


Year 3 had a very exciting trip to The Royal Armouries last Tuesday. A Roman soldier taught us how soldiers fought and defended themselves. Boudicca showed us what life was like for an Iceni warrior. We handled different types of weapons and we all wore blue war paint!


Royal Armouries
Key Maths Facts

This file is packed full of Keys Maths Facts that your child should know! Encouraging the children to know these facts is a task which we as staff and you as parents must work together to achieve. Finding a few minutes when possible (for example, three times every week) to quiz the children in a fun, stress-free situation is the best method to promote learning and importantly to make sure the children do not forget!