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As part of international week this week we have been learning about the country of Wales.
Look at the gallery below to find out some of the things we have been doing.
Key Maths Facts

This file is packed full of Keys Maths Facts that your child should know! Encouraging the children to know these facts is a task which we as staff and you as parents must work together to achieve. Finding a few minutes when possible (for example, three times every week) to quiz the children in a fun, stress-free situation is the best method to promote learning and importantly to make sure the children do not forget!

Welsh Cakes

We learnt that there are traditional cakes associated with Wales called Welsh cakes. They are a bit like flat scones and very tasty.

Daffodils, Dragons and Leeks

We learnt that the national flower of Wales is a daffodil and that Wales also has another national emblem which is a leek. On St David's day (the patron saint of Wales) people wear daffodils and leek badges. We made some daffodils and also our own leek badges to wear. The dragon is a symbol on the Welsh flag and we created our own Welsh dragon using handprints. It was a fun, messy and busy afternoon!