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Healthy Week 2019
20th -24th May

Currently in the lead to win the Healthy Week Trophy is the PURPLE team with 2507 points.
Purple Team 2507
Red Team 2160
Yellow Team  2060
Green Team 1845
Blue Team 1835

Tuesday 21st May
Today the children had a fantastic opportunity to test their fitness on the giant inflatable.  Children (and teachers) had a fabulous time and were quite exhausted by the end!
Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 also had scooter training.  They learnt about how to stay safe and cross roads safely when out and about on scooters.  Y1 spent some time cooking and created some delicous looking, and smelling, pitta pizzas.  It was another fantastic day of learning ways we can stay healthy and look after our bodies.
Giant Inflatable KS1 and reception class
Giant Inflatable KS2
Scooter training
Monday 20th May 2019

To start off Healthy Week the children spent the morning in mixed groups learning about different ways to stay healthy.  KS1 were learning about healthy foods and ways to be active.  KS2 worked in their colour teams to learn about where food comes from and the seasonality of food.  They also spent some time playing cricket and learning about the importance of personal hygiene in staying healthy.
Year 5 and 6 also took part in a bench ball tournament and the red team came out victorious.  
Year 5 and 6 bench ball tournament