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Friday 9th March 2018
This week once again the snow proved a bit of a distraction, but pupils dealt well with the disappointment of the postponed trip to Tropical World and instead applied themselves to creating a PowerPoint about all they have learnt so far about the Amazonian Rainforest. 

Pupils also took part in an inter-year sports tournament.  They competed in teams with Year 6 to win the glory of being the
'Ultimate' Bench Ball team!  Well done to the red team who won the tournament winning the most number of matches.

On Friday Year 5 had a visit from a group of staff and pupis from Mount St Mary's.  They supported children in investigating how fruit could be used as batteries.  This is in preparation for the Golden Bunsen competition taking place later this year.
Friday 2nd March 2018
The weather may have stopped some things this week but not Year 5!  Our rainforest stories are growing and this week we added our character descriptions of a species of frog found in the rainforest to the setting descriptions we wrote last week.  Once again there was some excellent writing all round.  Our amphibian studies didn't finish there and this morning we learnt about the amazing Surinam Toad.  If you want to find out why they are amazing just ask your child!
     red-eyed tree frog                    poison dart frog                                   surinam toad

We also found time amidst our learning to have a bit of fun in the snow!

Our World Book Day Character descriptions
World Book Day

On Thursday we celebrated World Book Day. Pupils came dressed as a book character and then wrote about which character they had come as.

Friday 23rd February 2018
This week Year 5 have begun to study their new topic 'Brazil and the Rainforest'.  Pupils looked at how to use watercolours to create layers within a painting to produce a rainforest image.

After finding out more about the rainforest environment pupils wrote their own description of what the rainforest is like. 
I was very pleased with the effort pupils put in to produce FANTASTIC pieces of writing.

On Wednesday 'Moving Words' came into school and pupils experienced a poetry workshop.  They  performed actions to poems about the rainforest and also learnt a section of a poem by heart.  They performed their poems to the rest of the school and also enjoyed watching other year groups perfom

Wednesday 31st January 2018.  
The last two weeks have been very busy in Year 5. 
In Maths we have been developing our knowledge using fractions.
Pupils are gaining confidence in adding and subtracting fractions with different denominators and have worked really hard.
In Science we explored reversible and irreversible reactions.
We used our scientific skill to observe and record the results of different reactions and decide if they were reversible or irreversible.
We found that melting chocolate             We found that making toast is                          We thought hard and decided
is a REVERSIBLE REACTION.           an IRREVERSIBE REACTION.                            making jelly was also an
                                                                                                                                             IRREVERSIBLE REACTION
One pupil asked "If we put toast in the freezer will that turn it into bread?"  We tried it and found out that putting toast in the freezer does not reverse the reaction-it just makes the toast colder!

In Literacy we used movement and dance to help us explore what might have happened to the boy in  our text'The Witches' as he swallowed Formula 86 and slowly transformed into a mouse.

The pupils then used this as a springboard to create descriptive phrases about the movements and how the boy may have been feeling. Pupils used their existing and new dance skills to create a movement flow of how the boy might have moved and the changes he may have felt in his body as he changed into a mouse. 
Here are  just a few of our  super phrases...

...  I felt sick to my stomach at the changes that were happening in my body....
...I was furiously scratching and clutching the fur that was beginning to grow...

......I fell to the floor in a heavy movement clutching my head in panic...
...I froze in fear as my joints jolted... a split second my smooth nails started to turn as sharp as knives and my ears started to enlarge...
...I clutched at my face trying to prevent the whiskers from growing...

We have used these to create a diary entry of the day the boy got caught by the witches and turned into a mouse. 

We combined our singing with our R.E. last week
We learnt a new song to help us remember and understand the beatitudes.  We used some of the actions and movements we learnt in liturgical dance to help us create a sequence of movements to help explain the beatitudes.



Autumn Term
Earth and Space Science Day

We had a science day to investigate earth and space.  We used our scientific investigation skills to analyse soil samples and determine which one was from Mars.  We also made up pneumonics to help us remember the planets of the solar system in order.

“I really like learning about space.”

“I liked watching the film flying through space and seeing all the stars and planets.”

“I didn’t know the planets before but now I do.”

“I enjoyed testing the soil and using evaporation to see if there was salt in the soil.”

“Look I can see the salt crystals.”


We try to be as creative as we can in R.E.  We re-enacted the story of the fall to help us understand why the characters responded in the way they did, and to help us understand the choices that they made. 

This term we are learning about the Beatitudes and how they can help us to follow in the footsteps of Jesus.  We made up a dance to a worship song about them to help us remember them.

Clay Elephants

Our country for international week was Guniea Bissau.  We looked at the climate and habitat and found out that elephants live there, so we made our own elephants from clay.

Eden Camp

To help us learn about our WW2 topic we went to Eden Camp.  This allowed us to see real artefacts and experience what it would have been like to live during the Blitz.

“I think I would have been really scared with all the bombs dropping”

“I think the Blitz would have been quite exciting but sad if someone you knew died.”

“I really enjoyed the trip.  There was lots of information to find out about.”

“I liked going in a real Anderson shelter the best.”